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Songwriter Thomas Liljeruhm

Partying Like Vikings     © Thomas Liljeruhm & Stacy Hogan 2018

Are you ready to party like Vikings?

Like thunder and lightning we’re striking

Let’s relive the days of our glory past

Let’s live tonight like it's your last

We’re gonna set this place on fire,

Make your feet move from the heat

Everybody raise your hands,

And surrender – to the beat


Together, we’re conquering – the dance floor

Taking over like Vikings – (just like before)

Yeah, we’re partying like Vikings (Vikings, Vikings)

Partying like Vikings (Vikings, Vikings)

Are you ready for the second wave?

Here we go again – wind in our sails

Can't you feel – it's just the start

We’re here to steal – steal your hearts


Let’s go down, down, down in history (let’s go down in history)

Tonight there’s only one way to victory (one way to victory)


Crazy Hot     © Liljeruhm & Hogan 2014

Flashback to last night down at Joe’s bar

There you were looking like a movie star

I guess you must have caught me staring

‘Cause you came over and started talking…

Wearing cut-off jeans and boots

You asked: "Do you think I'm cute"?

I said: “I don't really know,

But it could very well be so…

But only in the morning, when you wake up

Not really knowing what's going on

When your hair is all a mess and you got no make-up on

Yeah, that’s when you could be - cute or not

But girl, looking like this, you’re - crazy hot” (crazy hot)

I said: “Yeah, you’ve got it all wrong, girl

You see, you’re not even from this world

And I hate to be the one to break it to you,

But it’s pretty obvious you’ve got no clue…coming here…”

Wearing cut-off jeans and boots

Asking: ”Do you think I'm cute”?

Oh, flawless from toe to face

So I guess that’s the case…


You smiled and said: "Let's put that theory to test"

That's how we ended up doing what lovers do best

[Instrumental] …and girl, it’s true…

It’s only in the morning, when you wake up

Not really knowing what's going on

When your hair is all a mess and you got my T-shirt on

Yeah, turns out you’re even cuter than I thought

But girl, last night you were - crazy hot (crazy hot)

Yeah girl, last night we were - crazy hot (crazy hot)

A Guy’s Best Friend     © Liljeruhm & Hogan 2013

You know they say a dog is man’s best friend

And they say the same about girls and diamond-s

I'm no expert, but it could very well be so

But this, yeah this, is something that I know...

The sun is a guy’s best friend

And that’s never gonna end

‘Cause the sun comes out when the rain stops

Making girls wear miniskirts and bikini tops

I see beauty queens in cut-off jeans and flip-flops

Yeah, I swear the sun is a guy’s best friend

A guy couldn't ask for a more perfect wingman

'Cause what girls won’t do to have the perfect tan

Sun-touched skin for as far as the eye can see

The sun really knows how to make a guy happy...and that’s why,


An ice cold beer, an old car and mama's apple pie

Yeah, those are all real good friends to any guy...but,



Even The Strongest Man     © Liljeruhm & Hogan 2012

Grandpa was the first one to tell me about this stuff

It felt a little strange, ‘cause to me he was real tough

He said: “boy, there are times when you shouldn’t bluff

So listen now, I can’t stress this enough

Even the strongest man can shed some tears

Even the strongest man knows his fears

‘Cause even the strongest man has feelings

He might not reveal them, but he does feel them

Yeah, even the strongest man”

I still remember the first time I saw my old man cry

It was in the hospital room, right after grandpa died

And even though he tried his best to hide behind his hat

I believe that it was good for me to see that...


These days I have a son of my own

And I know that he looks up to me

And wants to be big and tall just like daddy

But every now and then I show him that...


She Knows She’s Hot     © Liljeruhm & Bergman 2013

She’s dancing alone over there

But I know she knows I’m here

She’s dancing like nobody´s watching

But I just can’t stop staring

Right now she´s my only desire

Together we could set this place on fire

She’s working me – inside out

There really – ain’t no doubt… 

She knows she’s hot – and she has got,

Every intention – to grab my attention

She knows she’s hot – and she has got,

Every intention – to grab my attention

And with that body and that see-through dress,

She could make all my dreams come true, oh yes

She’s moving closer and closer to me

And I can hardly believe what I see

She can’t be a day over twenty-one

I’m sure we’ll have some crazy fun

She’s working me – inside out

There really – ain’t no doubt…



I just can’t get her out of my mind

So all I need to know – her place or mine?






Tractor Heaven     © Thomas Liljeruhm & Kai Hermo 2013

The first time I saw her I knew she was mine

Looked so fine standing in the sunshine

And who knew oil is thicker than blood

She might have gotten older; pushing thirty

But she wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty

I remember all those hours in the mud

It feels like I used to ride her twenty four seven

Being on top of her I was in seventh heaven

I fired her up and she could go on forever

I’d give anything for one more day together

But I can’t, ‘cause my baby’s in – tractor heaven

Now things ain’t the same back on that farm

I’ve got a broken heart and an empty barn

With tears my eyes I fall to my knees and shout:

“Please Lord; take good care of my beauty

You see, to me she was more than just duty

Truly beautiful on the inside and out”


Yeah, she’s up there running in that wide open field

Leaving me down here wishing this hell ain’t real…oh,


Call In Sick     © Thomas Liljerum & Stacy Hogan 2012

Girl, your lovin’ is keeping me wide awake

And your kisses are almost too much to take

You treat me so good and you make me so bad

Never felt more alive; best excuse I ever had

‘Cause I’m so gonna call in sick – in the morning

Ain’t a fever, but it came on quick – without warning

Ain’t doctor’s order, but I better stay in bed all day

I’m getting taken care of, so I’m gonna be okay (better than okay!)

I never wanna leave you, baby; I’m all in

And you leave me no choice but to call in - sick

Girl, I’m telling you, I’m so happy I could die

And I know it’s wrong, but it feels right to lie

‘Cause if my boss saw you he would understand

And I’m sure this is all part of God’s great plan

CHORUS Yeah, I’m so...

I can't wait to wake up to your sweet smile

And your head on my chest as I start to dial

CHORUS ‘Cause I’m so...

Lovers Gonna Love     © Liljeruhm & Hogan 2015


We can’t make everyone happy

Some will say this is crappy

They’ll find something wrong

And won’t sing along to our song


That’s their life, that’s their fate

And just like haters gonna hate…


Lovers gonna love

Yeah, lovers gonna love

And we, we are the...

Lovers of music, lovers of dance

Lovers of magic, lovers of romance

And lovers gonna (x3) love


They can stand there and stare

Oh, but we don’t really care

They can call us crazy and blind

Say that fun clouds our minds


And they couldn’t be more right

So let’s show them tonight…that,




That’s their life, that’s their fate

And just like haters gonna hate…





I Still Haven’t Found Your Flaw     © Liljeruhm & Hogan 2013


It’s possible that something is making me blind

‘Cause your pretty face is the only thing on my mind…yeah,

I’m mesmerized by your eyes and completely under your spell

No, I don’t know everything about you, - but as far as I can tell..


Girl, you’ve got it all...


Oh, I know I should focus on the good

And believe me, if I could - I would

But you’re so amazing, I’m going crazy...and,

That’s the only thing that worries me

I still haven’t found your flaw, baby


It’s possible that you shine brighter than the sun

I’ve never met anyone like you; smart, kind and fun - and you,

Look like you come straight from the catwalks of Paris

If you’re not the girl from my dream world; - then who is?


‘Cause, you’ve got it all...




I don’t really know if there’s a God up there

But I believe I’ve found a Goddess down here


‘Cause, you’ve got it all...





Model In Disguise     © Thomas Liljeruhm & Stacy Hogan 2012


Unlike fashion, a hot southern mess never goes out of style

And she doesn’t need no catwalk to walk a country mile

And if you just look past her hat, her boots and those old jeans

My girl looks just like the girls you see in all those magazines


But she likes it best home on our farm

Working outside; farmer’s tan on her arms

She’s got dirt under her nails and mud in her hair

And if you’re judging her by the clothes she wears

Man, you’re in for a real surprise...

‘Cause she’s a model in disguise

Yeah, she’s a model in disguise


When she’s working it, she’s really working it all day long

Her face all sweaty; good thing she’s got no makeup on

But good lord, she has got the hottest body I have ever seen

Guess I’m lucky, since big city life has never been her dream


CHORUS 'Cause she...


To you she might just look like another cowgirl

But you see, in my world – she’s my CoverGirl


CHORUS And she...



What Lovers Do Best     © Hermo, Bergman & Liljeruhm 2014


Girl, I’m tired of always sneaking around

It’s time for us to break some new ground

Our minds seem set on let’s wait and see

All this tip-toeing is really getting to me


So why don’t we just do - what lovers do best?

‘Cause I can hardly wait to get you out of that dress

Getting lost in your eyes; forgetting ‘bout all the rest

Just doing - what lovers do best


There’s so much I wanna say to you

And I believe you feel the same way too

But most of all I wanna hold you tight

‘Cause in my world you and I feel so right




Girl, let’s come clean and confess





Blind     © Thomas Liljeruhm & Stacy Hogan 2013


I hope you can forgive me for last night

‘Cause the last thing I want to do is fight

I’m sorry I didn’t notice your new haircut

I know there are no good excuses, but,…

Baby, the more I look at you, the less I see

Now I know what love can do; it’s making me…



But I don’t really mind


I’m just glad you’re mine

And I see it as a good sign



Oh, how you affect me; I can’t even think

So beautiful I’ve to force myself to blink

And if you ever catch me staring at other girls

I won’t be checking out their curves

No, you don’t have to worry ‘bout this man

‘Cause you’ve already made sure I am...




Girl, don’t ever doubt how I feel about you

I’m lost in you and I’d be lost without you…oh yeah…





Gator Bait     © Thomas Liljeruhm & Stacy Hogan 2012


Boy, you sure don’t know how to treat a girl right

Guess I should’ve seen it when you stayed out all night

Turned out that you couldn’t love one girl at a time

And even though cheating might not be a crime,

You really deserve to be out in the wild and free

I mean free, just like complimentary coffee and tea


And I know this might sound a bit harsh,

But you belong down, down in the marsh...


As gator bait

I truly thought you were my soul mate

Now I wanna set you up on a blind date...and,

I hope they’ll appreciate you

‘Cause boy, I really hate you

Oh, gator – bait


You look like a cowboy, but you act like a clown

And thanks to you, I’m the latest gossip in this town

But the thought that I one day could’ve married you

Suddenly makes this pain worth going through

That’s why I’m so glad we’ve come to an end,

While my heart still stands a chance to mend





What goes around comes around...yeah,

Guess karma has got you down...



Finalist in "Song of the Month"

("I Still Haven't Found Your Flaw")

SongwriterUniverse, January 2014.

Honorable Mention

("Model In Disguise")

SongTownUSA's "Whatcha  waitin' on song contest", December 2013.

"Recommended for consideration at our next 'Pitch to Publisher' luncheon!"

("I Still Haven't Found Your Flaw")

- NSAI, November 2013

(Nashville Songwriters Association International)

"One to watch"


- NSAI, April 2013

(Nashville Songwriters Association International)

"One to watch" 

("Model In Disguise")

- NSAI, November 2012

(Nashville Songwriters Association International)